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There are so many issues. I will try to cover the ones facing Americans.

School shootings

All the gun control laws passed in the past 30 years have not worked. Time to try a new path. Read More


We must stop inflation. Americans are drowning in the price of everyday life expenses. Read More


We must take care of our veterans. We would not have the freedoms we have without them. Read More

Gun Violence

Gun violence is out of control. No matter how many gun laws are passed, the simple fact is. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS. Read More


Hard drugs like fentanyl, heroine,  and meth are destroying our America from the inside out. Read More


We need a federal legalization of marijuana. Read More


Why is America so far behind in education? Read More

Bipartisan Agreement

Bipartisan agreement so we can finally get things done in the senate and congress. Read More

Foreign Relations

The world is in turmoil. I firmly believe that communication is key. Read More

Term Limits for congress

American people want term limits for congress. Read More

Jay Arbuckel for President
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