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There is not a short answer to this issue. We need to attack this issue on many fronts. I believe one of the causes of the increase are the rise in minimum wage. Companies will not delve into their profit margins. If a cheeseburger is $1 and minimum wage is $9.00, and the companies profit margin is, lets say $1 Million dollars. Then minimum wage goes up to $14.00 an Hr, then the company will raise the price of the goods before taking away from their profit margin. The solution to this is a goods cap, companies will not be able to raise the prices more then the percentage of minimum wage. If minimum wage goes up 10 percent, then any given company cannot raise their prices more then 2 percent. AKA these are just examples of the numbers.

We need to be energy independent. Open up land for more drilling. No importing fossil fuels from other countries. We have enough resources in America to not only supply our own people but also export to other countries and be competitive on todays market. All the goods that America imports from various countries we can make at home and export. The reason we import is because most companies open factories in outer countries because of less regulations, cheaper labor, and cheaper supply cost. Companies need to be charged more to sell on our market. If we don't not rely on imports, we will not have interruptions of the supply chain.

We need to protect our small businesses with less then 50 employees. We need to lessen regulation on small business. Small businesses do not require the same regulations and insurance coverages as large companies. Small businesses drive the American economy.

We need to invest in out transportation infrastructure, like mag trans, updated bridges, updates subways ETC.

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